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Ольга Исламкина

Five facts about me
1. I'm from Russia, Ural originally. It's kind of like Siberia. There is extremely cold in winter and hot in summer. I spend half of my life in Moscow. Now I live in between Kiev (Ukraine), Shenzhen (China) and San Francisco (USA).

2. I'm a journalist and a contributor at ELLE Russia, Cosmopolitan Russia and Cosmopolitan Ukraine etc.

3. My mother is a doctor, my father is a doctor, my grandparents are doctors, my cousins are doctors, my aunts and uncle are doctors. Even me great...-grandfather was a doctor invited by Catherine the Great from Germany to organize medicine in our region. And yes, I planed to become a doctor. Instead I'm a journalist writing about health and medicine.

4. I've been following LCHF-diet for 5 years and lost 8 kg. I strongly believe hight fat low carb diet is most natural for people. This year I've started education in 2 banting schools. I want helping people switch to this diet to loose weight and be healthy.

5. My main blog is Cilantro.ru There is a lot of interesting articles in Russian.

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