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Olena ISLAMKINA tries keto products and tells what is worth buying and what is just a useless waste of money.

Bulletproof coffee is often referred to any coffee with butter (please click here for recipes of coffee with butter as well as cocoa and tea not only with butter but also with eggs) but actually represents a brand owned by a businessman and a biohacker Dave Asprey.

There is a nice marketing story about how Dave drank some tsampa (tea with butter and yak’s milk) and got high in Tibet. Then he descended the mountains and began his experiments with ingredients until he arrived at the Bulletproof as it is known to us today – coffee, Brain Octane Oil, butter or ghee.

Dave built an entire empire. He owns cafes in LA, Santa Monica and Seattle. And they promise to open one in NY. The Bulletproof brand is used for producing coffee, Brain Octane and XCT oil (they both refer to MCT oil with different lengths of carbon chains) and collagen. His product line now even includes water with Brain Octane.

I’ve tried Bulletproof cold brew in SF. It is tasty but the list of ingredients covers the whole pack and includes three sweeteners: erythritol, xylitol and monk (some kind of new stevia). On the one hand, xylitol is good for microbiota, especially for the oral cavity. On the other hand, its glycemic index and energy content are low but not zero like for erythritol. Apart from the butter it contains two types of gum and quillaja extract. Normally, this ingredient, which is extracted from soap bark, is applied in cosmetics production. In general, the “Don’t eat what you have to search on Google” principle does not apply to this drink. But maybe that’s exactly the advanced level of tomorrow’ biohacking? As an ingredient of acaciagum, for example. Animal studies show that it has potentially many healthy properties. It is reported that such gum helps to lose weight.

Me in Bulletproof cafe in Santa MonicaMe in Bulletproof cafe in Santa Monica

On the other hand, the Mentalist ground Bulletproof coffee is something special. The brand’s website says that coffee is often infected by mold which undermines the whole useful effect of the drink. Bulletproof grains are tested for 27 toxins. I don’t know how true that is but the coffee is delicious. Usually, I drink coffee outside my apartment – this is more like a ritual rather than a need. But I have been making coffee every morning since we bought this Mentalist. I make my coffee the following way (for 2 servings):


  • 2 tsps coffee (I make it in a large macchiato pot)
  • 2 tsps 4th & Heart ghee
  • 2 tsps standard MCT oil from a supermarket
  • 1 tsp Madagascar vanilla
  • ⅓ cup very high-fat cream


Make the coffee, heat up the cream (please avoid boiling), mix the ingredients and beat them with a mixer.

Long ago I have noticed for myself and now I noticed it with those around me that the bulletproof coffee makes you dance and sing to the playing music even when it is terrible. Have you experienced that?

Photo: Cilantro, background image by Mallika Prakash

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Меня зовут Олена, и я предводительница кето-секты. Самопровозглашенная, конечно. А еще журналистка и биохакерша. В 2012 году я случайно отрыла для себя кето-рацион и вдруг сбросила несколько лишних кг, избавилась от мигреней, аллергии и акне, стала энергичной и продуктивной, уравновешенной и счастливой. Три года назад я завела cilantro.ru, чтобы рассказывать о том, что ЗОЖ не то, чем кажется. Но тема кетогенной диеты быстро вытеснила из моего блога прививки, ГМО и упражнения для крепких ягодиц, а я сама закончила несколько курсов и стала специалисткой по кето-питанию. Мне очень хочется, чтобы как можно больше людей знали: здоровая еда должна быть вкусной. А вкусная еда может быть лекарством и инструментом биохакинга. Потому что ЗОЖ не то, чем кажется.

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