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Olena ISLAMKINA tries keto products and tells what is worth buying and what is just a useless waste of money.

Know Brainer was invented by Shari Leidich, the founder of Two Moms in Raw. This brand, recently renamed Soul Sprout, was founded 12 years ago, when Shari was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The disease pushed her to think about how nutrition affects one’s health. In the process of finding the optimal diet, Shari discovered that most Americans practically do not get any healthy fats that are necessary for hormonal and nervous systems, brain function, and metabolic health. As a result, Shari created Know Brainer, a line of fatty products for drinks.

These are basic supplements that you can splash into any drink and instant  tea, coffee, matcha with butter and MCT oil.


The basic Thinker’s creamer is non-GMO MCT oil (coconut), organic non-fat milk powder (pasture-raised), organic cultured buttermilk powder, organic clarified butter (grass-fed, pasture-raised), organic sunflower lecithin, disodium phosphate, non-GMO tocopherols (vitamin E).

Ready-made beverages, for example, Matcha, Mocha, French Vanilla Coffee contain, respectively, matcha powder or natural chocolate flavor (in fact it’s just cocoa), coffee, potassium citrate (acidity regulator), and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). In some beverages organic nut pastes, spices, erythritol, and monk fruit for sweetening are added.

In general, good compounds, but amounts of sugar raise questions. Some sachets contain 4 g of sugar per 19–21 g of fat. Is it from a non-fat milk powder? Or cultured buttermilk? This is a by-product in the production of butter, low-fat, but with the remnants of lactose, which seems to persist even after it were eaten by bacteria.

If desired, everyone will find an acceptable product for them in the lineup, but it is not the fact that what attracts one’s taste, will suit everyone.


The first thing you encounter when preparing these drinks is that the contents of Know Brainer are difficult to extract from the sachet completely. I have to work with a spoon to scoop up the ditch.

My husband recently tasted the charms of a coffee with butter, at home I cook a version based on cream with ghee, MCT and Madagascar vanilla. Our coffee cups are transparent and this pastel looks really beautiful and gentle in them. As usual, I poured Know Brainer coffee into my husband’s glass and read all the questions and doubts in his eyes. Yellow cream butter and brown coffee create a color tandem which is anything but harmony in any way.

But as for Matcha, for example, there are no questions. It just looks perfect in a glass. As for taste, it also seemed harmonious: moderately sweet (due to erythritol and monk fruit), balanced fat, with bright distinct matcha.

I’m a big fan of tea with spices and cream, so the next I tried Chai Tea. When I opened the bag I decided not to repeat my mistakes and brewed it in an opaque glass. This drink seemed a bit sugary to me, though, maybe this is authenticity and Indian flavor in it.

Extracting Vanilla Bean (an additive to coffee) and Mocha from bags was easier, the first matched perfectly with the ground freshly brewed Bulletproof coffee, but the second was boring and inexpressive.


Many people use keto drinks on their own, without any food. My position is to get calories first of all from food, so I drink Bulletproof coffee at breakfast. An LCHF diet helps to learn to feel hunger and satiety, but keto drinks do not give such an effect. You do get cheerfulness and keto-related drive from liquid calories but as regards satiety is does not last long enough. Soon it is necessary to “catch up.” Keto drinks are one of the easiest ways to significantly exceed the caloric intake of a keto-based diet. And when keto coffee is part of the meal it turns into extra fat, so on the one hand you did not overeat and on the other hand you got all the bonuses of the right fats.

For the experiment, I tried Chai Tea without food. I got a classic set: I felt more energetic and “enlightened,” but after a couple of hours I felt hungry.


Many delicious options
There are many options with different amount of carbohydrates in them, some are with lactose, others with nuts—it’s easy to get confused
Not very convenient to use, although I personally have no idea how to make such a product convenient to use and at the same time as natural as possible
  Quality ingredients, good fat balance
  An excellent option for those who do not have the time/imagination to prepare various keto-drinks
$18–27 for 9 sachets. On the one hand, coffee and butter in coffee houses are hard to find. On the other hand, you have coffee from a bag at the high street cafe prices where they chat with you and wish you a nice day. For me, the benefit is debatable. And what about you?

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