How Emotions Cause Physical Problems

Jagannatha Das heals the body, restoring proper energy flow. Aliona Chernaya checked out how it works and discussed with the healer, what actually suffers due to love and how to preserve health and youth.

There is no massage table in the treatment room. The procedure itself is done with the patient in a standing position, as well as with the latter being in motion. On Jagganath’s request I do smooth motions, leg swings, shake my head back and forth, while he bends my spinal bones, pelvis and other body parts in the direction where they are meant to be with an almost senseless push or, occasionally, a swift touch of a finger. In two hours my back straightens out, the body gets lighter.

In the next session he places his index finger on the spinal bone in between my shoulder blades and we stand waiting. 10 minutes in and my eyes water, I feel a lump in my throat. Jagganatha names the emotions I feel and the reason they emerged. A picture from the past comes out in my mind with all the sensations and gushes of anger. I have long forgotten about it, but the body still contains the «file» with information. I let out an involuntary deep sigh and feel something relax in the region that is under pressure.

A month since then, I realize that I don’t feel the emotions, that were tormenting me the most, anymore. Moreover, my attitude towards the problem that invoked them has changed, as well as in regard to the situation itself.

When I ask Jagannatha to explain everything that happened, he only smiles in return. Never-ending stream of people gives him the right not to explain how and what he does. All these years he works for 12 to 14 hours a day. Obviously, he is pretty much well-off.

CILANTRO: How did you invent your method? Where did you learn? Does a person require a medical education to help people in the way you do?

JAGANNATHA: Actually, everything just happened itself. It all started when I was five years old. At that time I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. One day, she was lying on the floor suffering the severe pain in her stomach. I got really scared when I saw her, and then I kneeled down next to her and gave her a strong hug, then I rushed out to get help, but she called me back. As I turned around, I found her standing at the door saying: “Son, you took my pain away!” Later, these continued first with my parents, and then, as I grew older, I would usually put my hand on the part of the body, and the person would feel better. And the people started coming for in search for relief. Today, I have been working for 26 years. People keep coming back, and new ones keep coming.

My approach is not a “designed technique”, it is changing throughout time and adapting to every person. Ever since I was little, the questions of sense and purpose of my life have been occupying me. That search finally made me realize that I want to help people to find a balance between physical health and mind.

Can you teach other person to do what you do, or does your method require any special talents or abilities, or gift from God?

I can help a person to find his own way of self-therapy. This potentially could be helpful for other people, too. Some people need only a bit of help to find the way. Everyone has a gift.

The description of your method sounds very much like osteopathy. What is the difference between your method and osteopathy and manual therapy?

The sole aim of my therapy is both to establish a balance in the body statics and to deal with emotional traumas that have been causing certain disorder in the body. Disorders manifest themselves physically through, for example, difference in the position of the hips, scoliosis, breathing difficulties, headaches, visual disturbances, dizziness, etc. As each of us has a unique fingerprint, so is the therapy approach is unique. I try to find a way to establish not only physical, but also emotional balance, as long as the source of his/her own power.

«…expertly accesses and resolves the roots of disease, bringing about healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels». Which problem or disease may become a cause of pain in spine? How mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual problem may effect spine and human body in general?

Our thinking is separated from what our body tells us. My question is: how can we live unconsciously, without following the messages that our body sends us every day? Who is the one telling us that we constantly have to exceed healthy limits, that we have to endure and not disappoint anyone? Are these people friends or enemies?

If there was a balance between our soul, mind and body, then our body would be perfectly healthy. When we stop pushing ourselves way farther our healthy limits, then we will find a balance between the body and the spirit. This will open new doors of communication through which we perceive the constant message that our body sends us.

Our mind could be helpful if we only knew its nature – then we would know how to deal with it. I believe the nature of the mind is to create new worries. This is why we think so much about our past and future, and don’t feel ourselves present in the this exact moment of our life. That is simply the nature of the mind. Now, is our mind controlling us, or do we have control over our mind? We don’t know.

Could you please explain how negative emotions localize in the body and cause pain or misbalance? Are there any particular places in the body where they tend to manifest in most cases and cause problems?

There is a wide spectrum of emotions. Every kind of emotion manifests itself in a different part of the spine. For example, love problems are usually stored in the upper part of the spine around the blades, problems with the family localize in the lower part, anger is usually manifested in the jaw, fears – in the sacral area… But there are no rules, it all depends on the cause of the problem. Usually, the emotion is stored dominantly in one part of the body. But a big trauma is more like an amoeba, where different parts of it may be located in different parts of the body—again, there are no rules.

How long does therapy last on average, and how long does it take to solve a moderate problem? And how long does it take, if the problem is serious?

It depends on what you consider as “serious” and “moderate” problem. It is individually. For example, sometimes the person comes on a crutches and after an hour of therapy he/she goes home without it. Sometimes the person is going to have an operation – removal of oviducts, and we work on it for a month, after which no operation is needed. Sometimes the person with multiple sclerosis has difficulties in walking, and after an hour of therapy he is walking completely normal.

Every person consider his problem as the worst. However, to me, every person is a new adventure and experience.

For instance, a person comes to you because his friend or family wanted him to come to see you, but he/she is skeptical about your therapy. Can you help such person who have no faith in subtle matters?

Yes, I can. I can talk to the person, make a joke, sing, become friends and gain his or her trust. It’s funny, but what usually the people who doubt the most, afterwards become the most frequent visitors!

How do you consider people who come to you for help? Clients or patients?

I look at him/her as a human. Human who came to me for relief.

How to prevent pain and problems with spine and body? What should we do to have our spine fit and healthy?

First and foremost, our worries and thoughts cause intense, stressful emotions that affect our body. We can prevent problems and keep our spine fit and healthy by keeping our mind, spirit and body healthy. Here, of a great benefit is meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques. Today there are numerous scientific researches related to effect of these methods on our psychophysiological state, and their interconnection is clear.

You emphasize that human body is affected by our emotions and thinking, also psychological and emotional traumas that people get in the childhood. Could you explain in details how exactly emotions affect the body? Where and how do emotions accumulate? And how do you deal with them during your treatment without using psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is not necessarily a way to healing. Emotions and emotional blockades we can access in different ways. It is nothing else but blocked, stagnant life energy in the body.

If our problems come from emotions and life experience, why do children have sych problems, too?

Kids learn from their parents. They are absorbing as a sponge everything they say, the way parents treat them. This affects the early brain development, thereby character as well. Children receive all emotions from their parents. And all emotional traumas are manifesting slowly as we grow older.

Children don’t have so solid patterns of behavior. During our life, we keep accumulating painful emotions which we have gone through, instead of letting it go. What happens next is a manifestation of that as a physical and psychological disorder.

Could you give some recommendations, how to stay calm, young and beautiful?

Our worry and need for control, expectations etc. are constantly creating tensions in our nervous system, hence in the whole body. It is exhausting for the body and causes premature aging. When there is an ease and relaxation in the mind, gratitude and balance, then it prevails in the body, too. Then, our body stays vital and young much longer.

Meditation, yoga, sport and stress-release techniques affect keeping the body young – by keeping our state of mind healthy.

When we perceive every new day as an adventure which starts by morning and ends with evening, we live today, we live in the moment. And like a child we are searching for new experiences which create new realizations inside—then you live the amazement of life.

Photo: Jagannatha

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