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Cilantro and gynecologist Dmitriy Lubnin have done a really simple guide how to learn climaxing in 3 easy steps. You are welcome!

While you will be reading these 1357 words you will see the word “vagina” 21 times, while“penis” – only 5 times. Because here I am not going to talk about the ways that man can help woman to climax, and not about G-spot or any other types of spots that will make you shout: ”Oh, yes, yes!..” Because vagina (you can start counting, here is number one!) is not a door with a combination lock, which you can open and get your treasure.

I am going to talk about the ways to “tame”orgasm with using gadgets. Just because it is faster and more effective. 2-3 weeks of training – and you are ready to take your first height!

Here is my technical instruction, and I am not going to talk bout love, romance, and any madness of passion. I am sure you girls will cope with this task by yourselves.

STEP 1: learn to get clitoral orgasm

Clitoris is the organ that triggers female excitement. This is where everything starts, except from the situations that goes on the emotional level. You should start any manipulations with vagina only after you have stimulated your clitoris. Otherwise vagina is not ready.  

Inside clitoris, there are loads of nerve endings on every square inch. Clitoris triggers the whole system with all its reflexes: blood filling of the genitalia, greasing, filling of the bulb of vestibule (a special gland that is located deeply in labia majora. It is responsible for the preparation of the receptor apparatus to further stimulation).  

Magic Wand Original, Hitachi

This device help to reach orgasm in 99,9 cases out of 100. It is constructed primitively – just as a conventional massager. It has such frequency of vibrations that it literally forces you to come.  

This is the most popular toy around the world. Miranda (Sex and the City) has called it “Cadillac among vibrators”. Today there are a lot of modified models, but the simplest Hitachi Magic Wand will help any girl in 10-15 minutes.

This is very good way to understand what orgasm is, if you have never had one.

To use: for learning orgasm, together with partner, during sexual act (substantially makes all feelings stronger), or alone.

Womanizer, EI24

This is a revolutionary device that was invented not so long time ago. It is a light pump for clitoris. The results are amazing. Many women say in their reviews they have never experienced anything like that before. And while Hitachi Magic Wand is quite coarse and simple, with strong vibration, leading to a forced orgasm, this device with its gentle suctions of the vacuum gives much better sensations.

To use: for self-pleasure and education, alone or with your partner

STEP 2: to develop nerve endings inside vagina

So, now you know how to reach clitoral orgasm. And now you need to develop your vagina.

Before any manipulations with vagina, make yourself come 1-2 times with any toy – Womanizer or Magic Wand. An then, when the excitement caused by clitoris stimulation reaches the specific level, the desire to have vagina filled appears. Any penetration (penis or any device) before reaching that level often causes unpleasant feelings.

There are a lot of types of didlos: naturalistic and futuristic, those made of different materials. However, it is important that toys without vibration are more convenient for those who have no problems with vaginal orgasm.

Vibrator is a massager, with which help the filling of muscles with blood happens faster. Vagina is similar to a plumbing detail – corrugation. When you buy it, it is small and folded in an accordion. You move it apart, install it, and it works. At rest, vagina is folded. And when excitement appears, womb straightens and extends into the abdominal cavity. Vagina expands, so the contact area with penis increases.

Many women say they had their first vaginal orgasm only after having a baby. It happens because after childbirth vagina expands more easily during sexual contact, it becomes less tough, more pliable. Therefore, woman feels penis better, only if muscle tone is saved.

Now, let’s talk about shape of gadget. The best shape is so-called “rabbit”. If woman has only clitoral orgasm, she needs to work with her vagina, namely – to make it more sensitive to stimulation, and to make G-spot more sensitive, too.  To do this, new sensations need to be added.

INA Wave, Lelo

This gadget has a combined action. Its vibrations help to make vagina more sensitive: it moves up and down, stimulating G-spot in a right way. The upper part stimulates clitoris. This is how “new” sensations combine with “old” ones. As a result, receptor perception of vagina is changing, it becomes more susceptible to the movements of the penis. Thus, a bit of practice gives everyone a chance to experience vaginal orgasm.

To use: for self-pleasure and education, alone or with your partner.

STEP 3 – for advanced “users”: to improve your skills and muscles

A lot of training courses for women emphasize the importance of strong vaginal muscles. Actually, strong muscles make sex more pleasant for men: vagina squeezes penis, and erection improves. This helps women to get brighter sensations from sex. A level of development of these muscles is very individual. It also depends on whether woman is doing sport, attending dance classes, or doing gymnastics. Some of women naturally have lower muscle tone.   

Usually, these muscles lose their tone after childbirth. If it has happened just because a baby has come through genital tract, then the device presented below is just what you need. But sometimes muscles have been dissected in this area, and then they are stapled in a wrong way.  

If the injury was fairly severe, the restoration of sensitivity is much more complicated. If muscle damage vulvar ring is expressed so strongly that woman can not control them, then she should go to a gynaecologist. There are special operations, that correct such problems.

It is very easy to examine your muscles – to insert your finger into vagina and to try to squeeze it. If woman doesn’t feel any pressure, that means muscles need to be developed.

Smartballs, Fun Factory

These balls are to be injected in the vagina. They have off-centred centre of gravity, that gives an opportunity to stimulate and train the muscles during walking, for example. But it is not enough to get the results.    

Working with vaginal balls is for diligent women. There is a complicated program that suggests all the scheme for woman: when she needs to inject them, to hold them inside, to squeeze and relax. It’s like if you’ve got a gym card. To get the result, woman needs to train regularly, gradually making it harder.

Important note: we are talking about muscle, just as biceps, for example.  Some people have them hypertrophied, they can not even simply unbend their arms (these people train hard!). In the same way, women with hypertrophied vaginal muscles can not control tension and may hurt her partner during sex.

Gymnasts have strong, but flexible muscles. Flexing is important. With vagina, it is easy. To flex these muscles, you need to inject one or two fingers into vagina and slowly pull it down to anus.

Elastic and flexible vaginal muscles guarantee good sex, they flex during childbirth and then easily get toned again.

How to use: alone. Balls may be injected during sex, but it is advanced level.  

Elise, TensCare

This is an interesting option for lazy women. Obviously, women may work out to get ABS muscles tones, or they may choose to have some miostimulation sessions instead.

It is just the same for vaginal muscles. This device, a probe with some electric plates, is injected into vagina. Theses plates contact with vagina muscles and get them strain rhythmically. In other words, woman lies calmly, but her muscles work! However, this device is useful for those women who suffer from considerable problems with muscle tone – for those who can not hold the ball inside with the power of muscles. In this case, forced stimulation is needed.

Photo: Womanizer,  Magic Wand Original, Lelo, Fun Factory, Elise, Cilantro

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