Dates are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins B, A, K, copper, magnesium, manganese and the list goes on. It means Daria Zakharova’s version of coconut candy on dates isn’t only delicious but good for health!
Счастье means happiness Счастье means happiness

Cilantro doesn’t like sugar, so you’ll never see it in our recipes. World Health Organization recommend to reduce the amount of sugar in our diet to 5 percent of daily calories (25 g). One Raffaello candy contains 3,3 g of sugar. Practically nothing, you’ll think. But the thing is – the more we eat sweets, the more we eat sweets! You let yourself one or two little coconut pleasures and then flash! – you’re sitting in front of the mountain of candy wrappers. And then somehow a ginger-snap cookie turns out to be in your hand. After that you eat marshmallow and one moment you realize that you have just finished off a half of the chocolate cake. You start to feel sick, but nevertheless want more and more and more – check Nicole Avena’s video on, explaining how it works.

Despite dates also contains sugar, they have low glycemic index (GI), they are rich in cellulose and according to the research they can decrease the risk of colon cancer.



  • 150 g of dates
  • 70 g of coconut flakes or coconut manna
  • 10-20 g of butter or coconut oil
  • warm water if necessary
  • orange zest for sprinkling


Clear the dates from seeds, blend. Grind the coconut flakes in a coffee-grinder (it will turn into coconut flour). Mix with the dates.


Melt the butter or (preferably) coconut oil. Slowly mix with the dates. Depending on the softness of the dried fruits, measure the amount of the butter (oil). Better to use coconut manna – in this case you won’t need any butter (oil). If the paste is too dry add a little warm water, if it is watery – put some blended dates or coconut flour.


Make balls. Sprinkle with coconut flakes, flour or orange zest. I don’t throw out orange peels – I dry it, then grind in a coffee-grinder and add to sweets, tea and coffee. Like a part of our Raffaello it is splendid.

Photo: Daria Zakharova

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